El Mundo- (Madrid-Spain)


“The Gala opened up with a luxury: Grand pas de deux  of  Sleeping Beauty interpreted by Óscar Torrado and Laura Hormigón, the Spanish that arrived at the highest of the chart of the National Ballet of Cuba like residents during 10 years. Their Beauty was everything elegance, security and fixation in the lines of the imperial character of this summit of the classicism. It was a pleasure to see them in Madrid another time, also to listen the enthusiasm of the public”.

Julia Martín

Dance Magazine (Japanese magazine of dance)

Nº 12 december 2005

“(…) Laura Hormigón danced A mi aire, a choreography in which she uses castanets, but the most astonishing thing was that she danced it on points.  She also performed the Black Swan (with Jose Martinez as partner) an Alicia Alonso style choreography of great technical difficulty, and did it so marvelously that she appeared to be flying through the air as light as a feather, which amazed the audience and left the profound impression in their minds of having seen a ballerina of truly great technique”.

Akiko Shibata    


Danza en Escena (Spanish magazine of dance)

Nº 9 July, August & September 2005

 “(...) The Auditorium-Theatre Riojaforum in Logroño displayed the “SOLD-OUT” sign for this magnificent show.  An enchanted audience applauded fervently for the fine work of the duo Laura Hormigón- Oscar Torrado, in the roles of Kitri and Basilio, accompanied by the Ballet Rostov. A marvellous Laura Hormigón, together with her fantastic partner, Oscar Torrado, with whom she shares chemistry and understanding, did splendidly in the demanding pas de deux of the third act. The Zaragoza-born dancer displayed her Spanish temperament, including the clicking of castanets. In the pas de deux, Laura and Oscar seem to shine with their pirouettes, turns and portés”.

Irene Sáez


El Punto de Las artes (Semanal Madrid)

Numero 784/ del 13 al 19 mayo 2005

“(…) Laura Hormigón and Oscar Torrado, star figures in the Cuban Company for many years after their emigration from Spain due to the  lack of dance opportunities that we suffer, have begun by teaching us a lesson in Zaragoza (…) I spent an exceptional evening in the Teatro Rojas, Toledo. The show was superb in both style and form.  Laura and Oscar amazed us, their dancing supported as always by their physical beauty and communication.  A chord was struck in all of us and in Toledo itself as authentic dance met a timeless response.

Víctor M. Burell

Revista Por La Danza (Spanish magazine of dance)

Nº 67 summer 2005

“The participation of Laura Hormigón (Kitri) and Oscar Torrado (Basilio) was a sure bet for the enjoyment of the audience. They understand each other perfectly and seem to exude art, quality and virtuosity in both the duos and solos.  The climax came with the magnificent pas de deux  of the third act. (…) A splendid Laura Hormigón in all her grace, together with her fantastic partenaire, Oscar Torrado, did marvellously in this demanding fragment (…). On point, beautifully drawn, the flowing ballerina of such great extensions joins each step with a wonderful naturalness, disguising the difficulty of the choreography with apparent ease”.

Iratxe Arantzibia

La Rioja (Logroño-Spain)


 “(…) Laura Hormigón (Kitri) the chameleonic ballerina, accompanies her steps with an interpretation full of sense and sensibility, overwhelming strength, complete confidence in her balances, a perfect command of her turns and above all, the vivid expression of all her work.  She recreates a sweet and solid Kitri with such precision that in the adagio sections, one has the sensation that time slows down to better admire the marvellous and virtuoso combination with her loving Basilio. Showing masterly skill in the famous fouettes of the final Grand Pas final, she performs them with a change in direction in the quarter turns.  Surrender to this Spanish Kitri on points. (...) The standard has been set very high, ladies and gentlemen,  the audience at this great “soirée” of ballet, rewarded the artists with a fervent ten-minute standing in the Auditorio Riojaforum”.

Perfecto Uriel. Director of the Dance Museum

Heraldo de Aragón (Zaragoza, Spain)


“(…) Laura Hormigón and Oscar Torrado, principals dancers of the Cuban National Ballet, are two artists who bring together a rigorous technical perfection with a passion for what they do, bringing that perfection to an unequalled height.  From this the beauty of their dancing springs: seemingly winged, their bodies become pure movement, the poetic essence of dance.  Theirs is a dance which disguises the difficult abilities, a richness of shades that bring the audience to their feet in fervent applause.”

Joaquín Aranda

El Periodico de Cataluña(Barcelona-España)


“The Spanish dancers Laura Hormigón and Oscar Torrado took on the main roles: she was Greta, Cinderella, and he played Gustavo, the crown prince (...) Hormigón was unsurpassable, reaching an almost inhuman state of perfection”.

Montse G. Otzet

City Center-New York(EE.UU-Octubre-2003)

Danza en español-2004

“To finish the evening, "Bodas de Sangre" (Blood Wedding) was staged (....) Torrado and Hormigón (husband and wife in real life), couldn’t have been better: she, angst-ridden, was divided between her marriage and her passion for Leonardo; he, returning the illicit love, was as tragic and dominating a figure as the imposing image of death that permeated the scene. Also, the straightness of their backs and their form heel work served as a confirmation of the Spanish origins of this pair.

Célida P.Villalón

Point Magazine (EE.UU.)

April/May 2004

“The “Black Swan” pas de deux, (…)and pyrotechnic dancing by Oscar Torrado and Laura Hormigón. Hormigón is completely secure in her footwork and a joy to watch. Together, their dancing is what lyrical partnering is all about”.

Eff ie Mihopoulos

Dance Magazine,(EE.UU)

Jan, 2004

City Center New York, New York October 15-19, 2003

“The season opened with of the full-evening Don Quixote,(…). Laura Hormigon and Oscar Torrado, who together were also as brilliantly dashing as they were charming”.

Clive Barnes

New York Theatre Wire(New York-EE.UU)


“When Laura Hormigon, as Kitri the beautiful, the innkeeper's runaway daughter, spun for the third or fourth time like a top on one toe, with her other leg kicking the heavens, the young woman on my right gave a shriek of sheer appreciative ecstasy while the gorgeous person on my left, herself a dancer, merely murmured: "I'm going to die."
In the next instant Ms. Hormigon dove through the air into the arms of Oscar Torrado -- her lover, an impoverished barber (the Warren Beatty of that town, that century) ?- and the whole City Center went nuts with cries of "Brava! Bravo! Brava!"
(…)every dimension seemed to be continually pushing to the next dimension, most particularly in the male/female mano a mano between the lovers toward the end of "Don Quixote" -- her turn, his turn, her turns, his turns, outdoing one another until she (Ms. Hormigon) put it, and us, away with about 20 spins, on one toe, one foot, one toe, one foot, in an arrow-flight clean across the width of the big City Center stage.
I once saw Plisetskaya fly, legs outstretched, in one shot straight across the stage of the old Met Opera. This was the next thing to that”.

Jerry Tallmer



15 de Noviembre de 2003

“Laura Hormigón’s performance as Odette, the princess converted in swan by the wizard Von Rothbart, was emotional and of notable artistic quality”.

Eduardo Balderas Sr



“Laura Hormigon was a fabulously flashy, sharply flirtatious Odile, in the Black Swan duet (partnered by the elegant Oscar Torrado). A knife-sharp dancer with exquisite balances and gyroscopic turns, her confidence and panache lit up the stage”.

Hedy Weiss



Take Laura Hormigon, whose exquisite portrayal of Odette in Act II of "Swan Lake" leads to a floating exit where her willowy, watery arms undulate with such unreal beauty that you could swear you were watching computer animation.(…) la Hormigon and her capable partner, Oscar Torrado, make for a sweetly affecting and affectionate partnership.

Sid Smith


17/10/, 2003

“Laura Hormig-n's performance as Odette was the night's highlight. Wonderful control over her movements allowed her to show off an amazing technique and balance, best observed in the form of an endless stream of fouttes turns. She also showed superior skill in executing arabesques en point for a very long time, an exhibition that should have received applause on its own. Utilizing extremely fluid motions with her entire body, Hormig-n is able to convincingly imitate a swan”.

By Julie Pinsonneault



(Don Quijote)”Hormigón did single-single-double a few times, before finishing with one-and-one-eighth fouettés—advancing her spot around the stage by an eight for each of eight turns (I'd only seen one-and-a-quarter turns before this—and very rarely”).

Eric Taub

The Post and Courier (Charleston.net-Carolina Del Sur-EE.UU)

October 8, 2003

“One of the evening´s highlights was the Nutcracker´s Waltz of the Flowers. The Lilac Fairy, danced by Laura Hormigon, was partnered by Oscar Torrado. The couple brilliantly displayed the speed and precision of this favorite pas de deux set to the powerful sound of Chaikovsky´s score. Hormigon´s stunning foot work and Torrado´s soaring jumps accentuated the dance”.

Eliza Ingle

ABC (Madrid-España)


“The celebrated lovers of Verona were given outstanding leads: Laura Hormigón with Oscar Torrado. (...) Each couple performed with a profusion of technique, but without a doubt, Hormigón and Torrado showed distinct advantage, through their conviction and maturity”.


Trabajadores Digital-Cafe de Artistas/ (La Habana ;Cuba)

Del 27-05 al-junio 2003

"The two Spanish premiers danceurs offered a beautiful show.They did all they had to technically (and also filled their quota of prowess: huge leaps from Oscar, amazing leaps on point and extensions from Laura). But the performance was not merely a choreographic review, it was a worthy interpretation. Laura Hormigón, for example, does not have the physique that the audience would expect for a Swanilda, but her pantomime is so graceful, that in no time we were convinced that she was one of those adolescents that has grown up faster than expected. Oscar Torrado and Laura Hormigón had fun dancing Coppelia. They really enjoyed it. And they have made us enjoy it"

Yuris Nórido

The Globe And Mail( Toronto-Canadá)

06/05/2003/Page R5

“Stars or the 21 st Century Ballet Gala”
“This critic's personal favourites were Laura Hormigon and Oscar Torrado of the National Ballet of Cuba, and the Spanish-born couple was the surprise gift of the evening. She is a long-legged beauty with power, control and personality to spare, while the broodingly handsome Torrado, a sensational partner, has a keen sense of dramatic expression that incorporates a stunning technique. Their Don Quixote Pas de Deux was thrilling, while their Carmen sizzled”.

Paula Citron

Trabajadores (La Habana -Cuba)


“The dancers chosen for the performance of this ballet are endorsed by their well known capacity for drama. The prima ballerina Laura Hormigón took on the role of Bernarda with all the skill of an actress. Far from the gallant image of the classical ballets, Hormigón lead this ballet boasting dramatic projection, harmoniously balanced with a difficult technical execution.”

Lester Vila

Osservatorio Giovanile - Teatro del Giglio ATG .(Lucca-Italia)

Febrero 2003 (Temporada 2003-4)

“The story was put on stage with fantastic expressivity and technique. A truly excellent Carmen (Laura Hormigón), who has added a wonderful emotive charge to her perfection in the steps”.

Sandreschi Stefania (Liceo Scientifico A. Vallisneri)


Nº 669-27/09 al 03/10/2002

“Character, as well as a wide technical register, is needed to successfully play the starring role of “The lake” (Swan Lake). The role has been through a list of unforgettable names: Pavlova, Ulanova, Fonteyn, Plistskaia, Makarova, Alonso... But I would like, above all, to bring attention to Laura Hormigón, who has risen to her “alternative” to follow in the steps of the already long rosary of Odette-Odiles. Presence; technical virtuosity; exact, unfaltering stops; a performance guided by an absolutely respectful academism and an expressive strength. Of Odile’s leaving, back to the audience on point, I will quote Oscar Torrado last week; unsurpassable, almost incomprehensible, it makes your hair stand on end.”

Victor M. Burell

ABC /Madrid-España


“The biggest ovations of the night was for the Spanish couple Oscar Torrado and Laura Hormigón. In a marvellous “Don Quijote” where Laura showed her confidence, her tenacity and her indisputable artistic evolution.”

Julio Bravo

La Guía del Ocio(Madrid)


“The principal character (Cinderella) was danced by three completely different personalities (...). The audience was once again inflamed. The same thing happened a few days later with the Spaniard Laura Hormigón who demonstrated an absolute control of the situation, both in her brilliant pirouettes and dramatically; with her a splendid Oscar Torrado, proving himself better and stronger by the day”.

Eduardo López

Radio Nacional de España/ Clásicos Populares


“The Cuban Nacional Ballet is performing in Madrid in the Teatro Albeniz. Yesterday we were able to see Laura Hormigón in a truly fantastic Cinderella. I believe that this role was created for her. Yesterday with Oscar Torrado she completed the starring pair of this ballet which we have enjoyed so much, not only because they are exceptional dancers as we have already seen many times, but because they are extraordinary actors. It was pure pleasure to watch this Cinderella called Laura Hormigón and the marvellous Blue Prince, Oscar Torrado”

Araceli Gonzalez Campa

Trabajadores (La Habana; Cuba)


“Laura Hormigón’s first Giselle was a surprising demonstration of good taste and interpretative quality”

Beatriz Abreu

Encuentro-Diario independeinte de Asuntos cubanos (Washington-EE.UU.)


“Laura Hormigón and Nelson Madrigal were given charge of the November 23rd versión of Coppelia. The BNC’s performance did not disappoint the audience. The applause during and at the end of the production were proof of the audience’s warm response to the show. Laura-Swanilda was at all times worthy of the circumstances with fabulous pirouettes, long held balances, extraordinary extensions... “Bravo!” to the BNC’s performance at the Kennedy Center”

Francisco Morán

Backstage ( Dance Diary-New York; EE.UU.)


“With Laura Hormigon as Sugar Plum Fairy and Oscar Torrado as your cavalier, everything came up roses, they were an exhilarating pair”

Jennie Schulman

The Washington Times (Washington; EE.UU.)


“Myrtha, the queen of this band of avenging females, was danced with regal strength by Laura Hormigón. Both she and Miss Feijóo fluttered across the stage with magically shimmering bourrees”

Jean Battey Lewis

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco; EE.UU.)


“There were too many other star turns to mention, bat suffice it to say that the glamorous Laura Hormigón´s czardas solo alone would make this a visit to treasure”

Octavio Roca

Sacramento Bee (California; EE.UU)


“The “Don Quijote” suite was the best-danced of the evening, possibly because it seemed more attuned to the spirit of the company than most other pieces on the program. Laura Hormigón was a wonderful Kitri”.

Patricia Beach Smith

El Mundo (Madrid; España)


“Laura Hormigón, who has become a true dancer in Cuba, gave us a shining Bella, (“Sleeping Beauty”).She showed her technique with absolute confidence, in the turn and balance, and with a huge advance in her expression of movement and cadence. The Spanish couple was applauded for this, the most brilliant performance of the night.”

Julia Martín

La Razón (Madrid; España)


“Such as the extroverts Laura Hormigón and Oscar Torrado in the selection from “Don Quijote”, where they triumphed with their brilliant technique, bringing the audience to its feet.”

Luis G. Iberni

Heraldo de Aragón (Zaragoza; España)


"The performance of the superb soloist, the wonderful Laura Hormigón from Zaragoza, a prodigy of grace and elegance and in “A mi are” where the most gorgeous dance was mixed with a beautiful popular reminiscence."

Joaquín Aranda

Gramma (La Habana-Cuba)


"One of the most applauded premieres: The nightingale and the rose, inspired by the story of the same name by Oscar Wilde and music by Bach. Compositional rigour, imagination, a capacity to give new life to the creatively elaborated academic virtuosity…these are the key signs found in The nightingale... which boasted three excellent dancers in Laura Hormigón, Oscar Torrado and Nelson Madrigal.”

Toñi Piñera

La Razón (Madrid-España)


"Laura Hormigón, at the Madrid premiere of "En las sombras de un vals" (In the shadow of a waltz) showed exquisite carriage in her head and torso movements, capable of transmitting the melodic softness, the stunningness and the liveliness of this immortal music which Alicia Alonso recreates with a wise choice of movement.”

Nieves Esteban

Heraldo de Aragon (Zaragoza; Spain)


"Laura Hormigón, in her doble role of Odette and Odile: is a fantastic ballerina who knows how to make the most beautiful expressive instrument from Dance: bravissimo"

Jaquín Aranda

La Nueva España (Gijón; Spain)


"The main character of Odett/Odile was danced for Laura Hormigón, a Spanish girl incorporated to Cuban group.Her dance is sure and clean. In the White Swan gets in a quiet way representing the characteristics poses in this act. The best Laura Hormigón moment in that lyric act, was when she approach at the kneeled prince, doing a "arabesque penchée" while her arms look for the metamorphosis in a wavy and expressive fluttering. In the third act, in a more earthly dimension, the "fouttés" of Laura were precises.It was in the "coda",in a diagonal of "arabesque in pointe", when the dancer got the best applauses".

Vicente Cue

Dance Magazine (E.E.U.U.)

May 1999/ Page 74

"In fact, there was a transporting moment when Myrtha (Laura Hormigón) and her attendants seemed to step from an antique lithograph, their shoulders sloping, elbows bent, wrists dropped- a collectiveMarie Taglioni come to life."

Donna Perlmutter

New York Magazine

March 22/1999

“Laura Hormigon- as Myrtha, queen of the ghostly maidens who inhabit Act Tow – also seemed yong in experience, though she brought the house down when she floated cross-stage in toe steps as impeccably even as stitches on a knitting needle”.

Tobi Tobias

Saint Paul Pioneer Press ( Minneapolis/ E.E.U.U.)


"Laura Hormigón danced Myrtha, queen of the wilis,with sculptural grace. When her hands reached to be stretching all the way from the waist, in an unbroken line. Above flashing feet, she held herself up so proudly that her head reached for the sky".

Michael Fleming

San Francisco Chronicle( E.E.U.U.)


"And especially Saturday´s Laura Hormigón were spectacularly glacial as the implacable Queen of the Wilis".


Los Angeles Times (E.E.U.U./ National Edition)


"At the Sunday matinee,Laura Hormigón linked everything with a kind of stony grandeur".

Lewis Segal

Emisora CMBF (Programa BALLET;La Habana Cuba)


"Laura Hormigón promoted the range of principal dancer, moreover the virtuous of the balances and turnings, contributed the Hispano´s taste that the Hispano´s origins generated in Don Quijote while in Neutcracker contributed the delicacy of the Sugarplum Fairy".

Ismael S. Albeló

Le Figaro ( Paris/France)


"The beautiful Laura Hormigón,with her grace and agility of her Grands Jetés, seems destined to interpret the role of Myrtha in this production which one contemplates with the same pleasure as a beautiful book of illustrations by Epinal".

René Sirvin

Guía del Ocio ( Madrid/ Spain)

nº 1185; of the 31/08 & 609/1998, Pag. 86

"Laura Hormigón danced Kitri from Don Quixote confidently and with a beautiful line.It is noteworthy the marvellous work that this young dancer is carrying out, since she demonstrates a dominion both technically and artistically of the character she interprets".

Eduardo Lopez

El Mundo (Barcelona/ Spain)


"Rava,played by Laura Hormigón who danced with exquisite technique, with beautifully outstanding Port de Bras and Port de Tête” .

Rosili Ayuso

El Períodico de Cataluña (Barcelona/Spain )


"The Spaniard Laura Hormigón,Rava, was an exquisite gift”.

Montse G. Otzet

ABC (Barcelona/ Spain;Cataluña´s Edition)


"The impressive Laura Hormigón, who played around the scenery with her talens for the enjoyment of the audience".

( The National Edition)

"Laura Hormigón was outstanding for her prodigious technique and impressive extensions".

Pablo Melendez-Haddad

La Vanguardia (Barcelona/ Spain)


"We could taste the technique of the solists in their variations, among which the Spaniards Laura Hormigón and Oscar Torrado were outstanding in their "Pas de Deux " of the Spanish Dance".

Marjolinjn Van der Meer

Dance Magazine ( E.E.U.U.)

May 1998/ Page 76

"Instead of merely going about her magic, the Fairy Godmother became the heroine´s ubiquitous companion, attending the ball with her and, like Benno in Swan Lake, weaving in and out of her grand pas with the Prince .Laura Hormigon enhanced the role with her calm authority.It would be interesting to see her as Myrtha, (Giselle)."

Doris Hering

San Francisco Chronicle(E.E.U.U.)


"Laura Hormigon displayed an almost insolent extension as well as truly poetic phrasing as the Fairy Godmother".

Octavio Roca

New York Post (E.E.U.U.)


"In the good fairy, called Rava, Laura Hormigon with unusual extentions and a fluent ,lyric manner, was excellent".

Clives Barnes

New York Times (E.E.U.U.)


"Laura Hormigon as Rava, the godmother, is a robust dancer; she is blond in her bouyant leaps but always gracious".

Anne Kisselgoff

Los Angeles Times(E.E.U.U)


"In the tuesday cast long-legged Laura Hormigon exuded such freshness,elegance,technical freedom and emotional generosity that she stole the spotlight from the evening´s prima ballerina".

Lewis Segal

The Orenge Country Register (Los Angeles / E.E.U.U.)


"Laura Hormigon danced with airy lyricism in the substantial rol of the Fairy Godmother- Rava".

Laura Bleiberg

La Opinión ( Los Angeles/E.E.U.U.)


" Laura Hormigón as Rava, the Fairy Godmother who succeds in getting Greta to Ball, is as graceful and lively as the birds she represents.With marvellous extensions and an exquisite line”.



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